Friday, April 20, 2012

Major General Stanley Hyman

I know i aint pisted in a while. But my brother got in the mail from this place   Major General Stanley Hyman. Now for people who dont know this.This is an organization for people who meet high end standards for the qualitfications (big word) lmao. but its for the CIA, the pentagon. all that stuff. they want him to get to washinton dc. that big.
so tell me what chall thank.



  1. i got a letter too. I'm kind of skeptical aboit going. But I looked up the program and it looks like it will be a good program to attend, but it cost alot to go. If he really wants to go , your family should start putting money aside for him to attend this program. If you want to know how much it is go to the website and click on tuition and scholarship and it will tell you how much it is to attend this program. Tell your a stranger (lol) siad congragulations.

  2. i got a letter to are you sure its not the military cause ive been looking at how to jet in and all congrats bro!!!!!

  3. I just got mine in the mail about five minutes ago. Based on the last letter I got, I'd bet mine's fake. Why, oh why.

  4. Lets all go and join the youth movement, if it was good enough for the Germans